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Roof repair, replacement, storm damage restoration – we can do it all! Our network of Nashville-area roofing contractors is trusted by homeowners throughout Middle Tennessee. Complete the form on this page to receive a free estimate for an asphalt, metal, tile, or wood roof.

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Let our Nashville professionals restore your roof, make it look grand, and protect you from the elements.

If you’ve lived in Nashville, TN for any period of time, you know it can be a humid and rainy city. Unfortunately, that means roof repair and restoration will be needed more often than in some other parts of the United States.

Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your roof, our network of professional roofers can help you take care of everything. They offer a wide range of residential roofing services, including roof replacement, repair, installation, inspection, and storm damage restoration.

Our contractors likewise work with a variety of materials for new roofs and re-roofing projects for houses and other properties throughout Middle Tennessee. They specialize in installing and repair asphalt, metal, tile, wood shingles and others.

All work is licensed and insured and backed by guarantees and warranties. So if you’re in the Nashville area and need roofing services, be sure to call us today to schedule a free and accurate estimate.

Our coverage area

Our home contractor professionals have you covered no matter where you are in the Middle Tennessee region. Our service area extends to all of Davidson, Rutherford, Wilson, Williamson, Dickson, Cheatham, Sumner, and Robertson counties.

We will also work in the following cities and many more near Nashville, TN:

  • Murfreesboro
  • Smyrna
  • Franklin
  • Hendersonville
  • Brentwood
  • Mt. Juliet
  • Gallatin
  • Lebanon

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Residential Roofing Services

Roofs are one of the most important components of a home, and it’s important to choose the right roofing contractor for the job. Our top-rated Nashville roofing contractors are experienced in a variety of roofing types and applications. Installation is usually fast and easy, so you can get your new roof installed as soon as possible.

Our roofers can help you choose the right roof for your home, based on its specifications. In addition, our roofing contractors in Nashville are always available to answer any questions you may have about your roofing project – whether it be a roof replacement, home addition, or new build.

Roof Replacement

When your roof is installed by a true professional, it will likely last longer than usual. With that in mind, it’s important to choose a roofing contractor who is well-equipped to handle a roof replacement project.

Nashville has a range of roofing contractors who can help you with everything from roofing repair to roof replacement. We find you the very best to get the best workmanship for your money. Make your appointment today and enjoy years of weather-proofing with the help of a professional roofing contractor.

Roof Repair

If your roof is in need of repair, you will likely know it. You will witness damaged tiles, leaks, or some other issue that needs attention. That’s where a roofing contractor comes in.

By scheduling an appointment as soon as possible, you’ll avoid any delays or problems.  When you reach us for service, we’ll ask about the type of roof you have and what problems you are having so we can find a contractor that meets your specific needs.

Roofers remove old bitumen and roof waterproofing
Worker replacing roof tiles
Modern roof covered with tile effect PVC coated brown metal roof sheets

New roof installation

If you are in need of a new roof installation for your home, then look no further than our Plenty of Contractors professionals in Middle Tennessee. Our team of experts has years of experience in the roofing industry and will be sure to provide you with a quality service that meets your needs.

They offer roofing installation for new house construction, additions, remodeling, and damaged roofs that cannot be repaired or restored. They can help you construct a asphalt, wood, metal, or tile roof that looks great and will last for many years to come.

Storm damage restoration

If you’re in the Nashville, Tennessee area and experience roofing damage as the result of a storm, it’s wise to get help right away before more problems occur. Our team of roof contractors has the experience and equipment necessary to restore your roof quickly and properly.

Our roofers specialize in addressing wind or water damage to your home in emergency situations. They quickly restore damaged and blown-off shingles to stop and prevent leaks.

Roof inspections

Our Middle Tennessee pros offer roof inspections to help identify any potential roofing issues. By scheduling an inspection ahead of time, you can ensure that your home’s roofing is in good condition and ready for next rainy and storm season.

A roof inspection includes a walk-through of the entire roofing structure, as well as assessment of the shingles and tiles. If there are any concerns, a contractor may recommend further inspections or repairs. By knowing the warning signs of roofing problems, you can ensure that your home is protected from potential damage.

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Roofing contractors are essential for any homeowner in need of roof repair, replacement, or inspection. Not only do they have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, but they are also knowledgeable about roofing materials and installation techniques. Make sure to get in touch with us so we can connect you with the very best roofing contractors in Nashville, Tennessee today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for a reputable roofing contractor in Nashville, Tennessee, you can use customer reviews and ratings on roofing websites to get a good idea of who is reliable and worthy of your business.

Additionally, be sure to investigate any license or certification they may have before hiring them. When looking for a roofing contractor in Nashville, your best bet is to do some research. You can also ask friends, family members, or professionals you know for recommendations.

Plenty of Contractors has vetted various roofers in Middle Tennessee and only offer our customers the very best. We welcome you to contact us for help with finding a quality roofing contractor.

A roofing contractor is great to call when it comes to roof repair or installation. Not only do they have years of experience, but they also take extra precautions to protect both you and your property. They will also be able to fix any issue that may arise during their work, which eliminates the need for you to call another contractor in the future.

In most cases, hiring a pro roofer is a good investment. There work generally has a longer lifespan and you won’t have to worry about any DIY mistakes that can be costly and frustrating.

When hiring a roofing contractor in Nashville, Tennessee, expect to pay between $300 and $10,000 for an average job – though this can range hire depending on various factors. This price range includes the cost of materials and labor, which will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the contractor’s experience.

Always ask for references and inspect their work before signing any contracts – you can find quality contractors by doing your research. Additionally, be sure to get quotes from multiple contractors so that you can get an idea of the average cost and level of service that is available in the Nashville area.

We can quickly connect you today with proven roofers for hassle-free estimates.

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